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SHAANXI WELL TITANIUM MANUFACTURER CO,.LTD is specialized in the nonferrous metals and further processing which are titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, hafnium, etc. we produce and process titanium,titanium alloy,nonferrous metals,rare metals,nickel alloy materials,etc.Our main products are rare metals,refractory metal materials and deep-processed products (tubes, plates, rods, wire),the derivatives are composite plate, target, titanium nickel chemical equipment, industrial furnace vacuum furnace, vacuum heating chamber, heat shield, TZM molybdenum electrode, TZM molybdenum plug, molybdenum discs, TZM molybdenum rod;All the anti-corrosion materials in our company are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, pipeline, water treatment, marine, ship, power plants, heat transfer equipment, pressure vessels and other industries.
Shaanxi WELL Titanium (Baoji Titanium Non-ferrous Metal Processing Factory) rely on the Chinese titanium raw material processing base,according to GB, ASTM, ASME, AMS, DIN, ISO and other standards to produce and process titanium materials, such as: titanium plate, rod, wire, pipe, composite materials, etc;We are not only the domestic professional titanium production and processing enterprises partners, but also in collaboration with the domestic rare metal research center to develop a variety of titanium alloy materials, such as titanium aluminum vanadium alloy, titanium molybdenum alloy, titanium niobium aluminum alloy, titanium molybdenum nickel alloys and so on.
Shaanxi WELL Titanium (Baoji Titanium Non-ferrous Metal Processing Factory) is a scientific management factory with raw material production, processing, storage and inspection as a whole system control. Our products can be produced in the whole process of technical control by technical engineers and technicians;According to the system of our factory and external supporting the processing,our titanium production covers "casting, forging, plate, strip, seamless pipe, pipe, wire rod, precision casting, etc. "Now we can form the production capacity of 10000 tons of titanium ingot and 5000 tons of titanium processing material.Outsourcing and self-supporting equipment are the 2400W electron beam cooling bed furnace, 10t vacuum consumable arc furnace, 10,000 tons free forging press, 25O0t fast forging machine, high-speed wire production line, titanium, titanium belt production line (MB22-Tl type Cold rolling, annealing, pickling), welded pipe production line, titanium chemical equipment production equipment and so on.